About us

Having a willingness to take risks and be leadership is a condition precedent to enduring success and approved by society.

Our researching and developing capability is based on a seasoned engineer team. We have been kept cooperating with YunNan Kunming University of science and engineering and Sun Yat-sen University-solar energy research center. Also, after the postdoctoral workstation of materials in solar energy utilization is established, it will lay a solid foundation for increased performance of the coming Solar silver pulp.

We got a great result in research and development of solar energy materials and touch screen materials. We have been multiple national invention patents, at the same time, it give us a Considerable economic benefits when the patent turn into industry; Also, strong capital and borrowing capacity achieve the company’s glory and great reputation. We have broad influence to client, staff, shareholder, environment and the whole society in last six years. For us, corporate responsibility mean: take full account of economy, society, morality and environment to make sure the company’s success and sharing the glory.

Solar’s Faith

 We doing business with responsibly leave and be strictly compliance with laws and regulations. The company never tolerates any illegal act or immoral behaviors. We have created a binding guiding principle to require all administrators and staffs observe law and discipline. We are sharing result with client, staff, and shareholder even society to achieve success together.

Solar’s Mission

 Provide customers with better products and service and appropriate purchasing cost for customer; provide much more significative job and share the result for staff; provide the continuous value for shareholder.

Solar’s Green Dream

 When the company started, we realize the importance of environmental protection, and establish the promise of protecting the environment, keep promulgating the environmental protection concept to everybody. Even more, pay close attention to environment to become the cornerstone of sustainable development. The development of new energy industry is both effective supplementary of the whole energy supply system and environment management and the important measures of ecological protection. However, material is the necessity and only safeguard of new energy industry development. Whoever has grasp the material, who will grasp the world.

Solar’s Values

In the company, having a larger idea is not enough. Imagination must be restrained by moral rule and principle of good faith. The company did not limit the creativity as high standard; rather, it attracted many out of the ordinary staffers. They are working so hard to make the company excellent, even make the world much more beautiful.

Solar’s Product

Crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells silver paste, HIT cell silver conductive paste and associated products; Touchscreen conductive silver pulp, Protection glue, electric insulating oil; electrical inductance, The silver slurry of capacitance; RFID and Membrane switch silver paste; aluminum powder, glass powder.

Solar’s customer

Your company and you will be our customer. We have Foxconn,TPK, Huayi, O-Film Tech and so on touchscreen customers already, and we will win the trust of Suntech, M-TECH,JA Solar. Because of our sincerity and commitment.

  • Based on the new starting point, open up a new prospect
  • To the integrity of mutual benefit and common prosperity, to social commitment
  • Prevent bad thoughts, carry forward the spirit of quality
  • Professional dedication, refine on
  • Customers who have the world
  • With the talent and technology as the foundation, to create the best products and service